What is the price of jade set
As the saying goes gold has a price but jade is priceless. Do the same argument, as the highest in the emerald jade it was even more priceless. In fact, the phrase was also the saying goes, is not right. Yes, the phrase refers to an analogy of the precious gem. No, it refers to this sentence from reality. In the market economy, then even the precious gem jade treasures is a price, but jade prices more complicated, often makes outsiders feel irrelevant Bale.

    Indeed, the value of jade very different. For example, this year’s “51″ period, the shopping centers in Beijing on the counter were filled with a variety of small and exquisite jade jade, a few hundred dollars cheaper, but the most expensive price up to 475,000 yuan a bracelet. Parkson Shopping Center in Beijing, the most expensive jade bracelet a 120,000 yuan, while the cheapest is only 100 yuan. Similarly, in Beijing Fuxingmen Commercial City, a small jade pendant, your last million, cheap 10 dollar pick. The price level so huge, how is this going on?

    Jade mainly in Burma. March each year two, to be held in Yangon in Myanmar, an international emerald trade fair not only to customers from around the world show the original emerald stone, handicrafts, and to publish all kinds, at all levels, the price of jade. Myanmar jade roughly into three categories. The first is the top grade, known as the Jade Emperor. These are pure rich ruby emerald emerald green, and color uniformity. Transparency and other indicators are also very high, is very low yield. The second category is known as commercial jade, emerald color and type of hybrid, except green are purple, red, yellow, black, blue, gray, etc., not only different colors, different shades, and from transparent to translucent are opaque, which is also a great difference in the green, with excellent uniformity only in the shade and the first class than almost, but inferior to have to much worse, not many commercial production of jade. The third type is called common jade.

    Such Jade including all colorless, transparent and so basically the same commercial jade. The most common jade production, account for 90% of total production. The above three categories according to the quality of the jade has been divided into different A, B, C, D 4, Myanmar’s authorities on the price difference by class by class. For example, in February 1991 in Yangon fairs, this one on the published price list:

    Imperial jade, calculated according to carat, A-level 2000 U.S. dollars per carat, B grade 500 U.S. dollars, C-class 200 U.S. dollars, D-class 100 U.S. dollars. Business jade, by kg calculations, A-level 1000 U.S. dollars per kilogram, B grade 200 U.S. dollars, C-class 100 U.S. dollars, D-level 50. General jade, by kg calculations, A 30 U.S. dollars per kilogram class, B class 15 dollars, C-level 10 U.S. dollars, D level 5 dollars.

    Pricing is easy to see from the above, the best and worst in sales of jade were pulled off the first few times the gap, it is easy to imagine, with the number of transactions increased, the gap between them will be further opened. One of the fine, even a ring side, a bracelet, a pendant, also can be sold for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions; but also one of inferior value in dollars, tens of dollars, the largest also a thousand dollars a.